Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alexander McQueen shoes to die for!

I am currently head over heels for Alexander McQueen pumps! I love shoes but ONLY well designed shapely shoes. Line and aesthetics are everything***

Check out the 198919 chain metal pumps. I love the detailing and intricacy of this shoe for a whopping $2000+ US. I am wishing and dreaming :) This shoe screams drama queen tranny gladiator or badass goddess warrior!

Then there's this pink number I spotted in Nordstrom one day and I was stunned. What the heck was this doing on the sale rack in Nordstrom!? I decided to investigate online and discovered my new shoe designer love . The 198951 reminds me of burlesque, Paris, mixed with Pepe LePew edge! This shoe would rock with an all black number.

Lastly, the 195094 WA016 is sleek and mysterious. A stylish exotic zebra on heels. The design lines emulate a rib cage that hugs the foot. I think it's pretty interesting that McQueen heels don't have names, but just numbers like convicts in a prison. Maybe they're just too beautiful to the designer to describe in a few words. Anyways, I have my eye out on these shoes. The square toe pumps are to die for as well!!!...but I'll post those later.

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